Saturday, April 3, 2010


hello all!
We had such a blast last night at the Hole in the Wall, thank you so much to everyone. Tornahdo and Zorch were amazing, if any of you guys didnt see them, check them out and go to their next show. we'll see you in May, Austin.

but SAN ANTONIO, we'll be seeing you tomorrow night at the TEN ELEVEN for our tour kickoff! we could really use all the support we can get San Antonio! Also, tonight is Backbeat Magazine's April release and inside you'll see a 2 page "Spotlight on We the Granada". So grab one of those and check it out. We dont even know what it says. hope to see everyone out!

P.S. Chris is taking a vow of silence during all of april, starting with tour, so feel free to fuck with him.

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