Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mohawk Tonight

hello to anyone who reads this!

I know we havent updated at all in a long time, but i guess its never too late. Tour was great, we actually came home making a good amount of money. which is always surprising. thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and bought our merch and cheered and made us feel good. it means so much to us to be able to travel on a collective dime. and thank you to everyone who let us stay on your floor or cooked us food and hung with us, like Zac in Nawlins, Luke in Athens, our dudes in Pittsburgh EDHOCHULI (ahh miss you dudes) Kevin, Russel, Josh from war dogs, and Mark at LEMP Arts (youre the man). we'll be seeing you again soon we hope. we wont be doing another tour this year, were focusing on finishing this EP and upgrading our gear and tuning the van and all that other shit that comes with being poor young men in a working band. so stay tuned. were still around.

in FACT. were playing tonight at MOHAWK in austin, its our first show back and we'd love to see everyone out, its free, afterall.
were playing at eleven, just before MEGAFAUNA. its their tour kickoff, some come show them love they wont be playing in austin again until fall. P.S. our friends in TORNAHDO and MUCHOS BACKFLIPS are also playing tomorrow night (5/14) at mohawk so go show them some love, you wont want to miss that shit. i wont.

were also playing a show in San Antonio at the 1011 on June 18 with WUNDERLAND. theyre newish to the scene down there, but are totally rad and are fucking everywhere now. so dont miss that either its gona be a total party. anyway, we miss everyone. lets see you soon.

all our love,
scott, dustin, joe, chris, T

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tour '10: on to the next one

greetings humans

The first leg of the tour was alot of fun, the 1011 San Antonio was awesome, thanks by the way to everyone who came out even though it was a sunday, and easter. also to the Grasshopper Lies Heavy, In Beds, and Megafauna. Houston at Mangos was also good times.. Giant Battle Monster was excellent as always and Chris always a great host. Were taking Bones next time. New Orleans at the Dragons Den was great, good crowd, we sold out of shirts (thanks) and got to do the whole Bourbon tourist thing (again) which hasnt gotten old yet. dudes in Move Lafitte were way cool. thanks to the Smiley with a Knife boys for putting us up once again! The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta was a pretty rad venue, played with this free form 9-piece musical collective called "Scaffolds" along with with AWESOME dudes "Vegan Coke". hope to see them again! played a ridiculous last minute hardcore house show in Baton Rouge Thursday night with these avant-garde punk groups. Really cool.

Good to be home a couple days, off on the road again wednesday, heres what were looking at:

Weds 14- New Orleans LA @ Always Lounge
Thurs 15- Athens GA @ Tasty World
Fri 16- Richmond VA @ The Triple
Sat 17- Pittsburgh PA @ Southside VFW
Sun 18- Cleveland OH @ Now That's Class
Mon 19 - Day off-
Tues 20- Ann Arbor @ TBA
Weds 21- Detroit @ Donnovans
Thurs 22- Kalamazoo @ No Fun House
Fri 23- Chicago @ Reggies Rock Club
Sat 24- St. Louis @ LEMP arts
Sun 25- Ft. Worth @ 1919 Hemphill

if anyone knows people in these places, send em out. or try, whatever.

were doing some pre-production for the record while were in town, trying to stay busy. we also got our new shirts! so buy them, were super poor. were about to open a new online store so out of townas can help us too! anyway, that is all. wish us luck!

Scott, Dustin, Joe, Chris, T

check out the space for any additional shows, and music if youre interested

Saturday, April 3, 2010


hello all!
We had such a blast last night at the Hole in the Wall, thank you so much to everyone. Tornahdo and Zorch were amazing, if any of you guys didnt see them, check them out and go to their next show. we'll see you in May, Austin.

but SAN ANTONIO, we'll be seeing you tomorrow night at the TEN ELEVEN for our tour kickoff! we could really use all the support we can get San Antonio! Also, tonight is Backbeat Magazine's April release and inside you'll see a 2 page "Spotlight on We the Granada". So grab one of those and check it out. We dont even know what it says. hope to see everyone out!

P.S. Chris is taking a vow of silence during all of april, starting with tour, so feel free to fuck with him.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tornahdo, worst band in Austin

I told these assholes in "Tornahhhdo" id write about them in our fancy new blog

I just wish i had seen them perform before booking them on our show tonight.
all that spazz rock noise might be great, if it weren't for their fuckin' singer..

the show they happen to be playing is our tour kick off at the Hole in the Wall ..

Nobody come to this show.

We stink, Zorch (11) stinks, and Tornahdo (10) especially stinks..

If you decide to come, expect a musical slap in the face.

Dustin, Scott, Trudeau, Joe, & Chris

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tour Time

Good afternoon!


We had meant to open this sooner, but after SXSW we were all burnt out on the internet. UNFORTUNATELY we had some personal issues which caused us to have to cut the tour in half, missing out on a few really important dates to us, and trust me we didn't want to have to do that, but these things happen. We plan to make up later this year after our florida tour. Here's what we've got though..

APRIL 2nd Austin, TX Tour Kickoff Party @ The Hole in the wall
APRIL 4th San Antonio, TX Tour Kickoff party @ the 1011
APRIL 5th Houston, TX @ Mangos Cafe
APRIL 6th New Orleans, LA @ Dragons Den
APRIL 7th Atlanta, GA @ the Drunken Unicorn
APRIL 8th Lafayette, LA @ Sadies

APRIL 11th San Antonio @ University of Incarnate Word

APRIL 14th
APRIL 15th Athens, GA @ Tasty World
APRIL 16th Richmond, VA @ the Triple
APRIL 17th Pittsburgh, PA @ Southside VFW
APRIL 18th Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class!
APRIL 19th *Day off
APRIL 20th Ann Arbor, MI @ TBA
APRIL 21st Detroit, MI @ Donnovan's
APRIL 22nd Kalamazoo, MI @ No Fun House
APRIL 23rd Chicago, IL @ Reggies
APRIL 24th St. Louis, MO @ LEMP Neighborhood Arts Center
APRIL 25th Ft. Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill

if you have friends in these cities that you think may enjoy our show, please send them out! we want to make as many friends as we can get.

Were still locking down a few days but we could really use everyones support at the tour kick off shows.
We will have NEW shirts, stickers, buttons, & fresh CDs. Were going to take the off time between the trips this month to work on the EP, Which, if you didn't know is being recorded with Winston Barrett of Muchos Backflips! and being co-produced by Kelvin Baron of Tornahdo (both fantastic humans and musicians). We hope to have all the recording done for it in early may so expect a release in june, or so. :)

If any of you were curious, we did lose our great friend and Saxophone player/slasher film screamer Ronnie last month. We wish Ron the best in all of his future endeavors and do not for a second regret having him around. He's a great dude and we still love him dearly.

For now, we have 2 saxophone players with us, Ayde Navarro Urteaga on Alto Sax, and Ryan Collins on Tenor, also fantastic humans, as well as musicians. Though they wont be joining us on tour, you'll be able to see them both with us at the Tour Kickoff shows (all regional shows) and on the upcoming release.

In june we also have another trip to New Orleans and back planned with our dear friends in Smiley with a Knife

Thursday June 3 Houston, TX @ Mangos
Friday June 4 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
Saturday June 5 New Orleans, LA @ the Maison

Hope to see everyone out at our tour kickoff partys. we want your love.

All Our Love,
Ashton, Scott, Dustin, Joe, Chris