Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mohawk Tonight

hello to anyone who reads this!

I know we havent updated at all in a long time, but i guess its never too late. Tour was great, we actually came home making a good amount of money. which is always surprising. thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and bought our merch and cheered and made us feel good. it means so much to us to be able to travel on a collective dime. and thank you to everyone who let us stay on your floor or cooked us food and hung with us, like Zac in Nawlins, Luke in Athens, our dudes in Pittsburgh EDHOCHULI (ahh miss you dudes) Kevin, Russel, Josh from war dogs, and Mark at LEMP Arts (youre the man). we'll be seeing you again soon we hope. we wont be doing another tour this year, were focusing on finishing this EP and upgrading our gear and tuning the van and all that other shit that comes with being poor young men in a working band. so stay tuned. were still around.

in FACT. were playing tonight at MOHAWK in austin, its our first show back and we'd love to see everyone out, its free, afterall.
were playing at eleven, just before MEGAFAUNA. its their tour kickoff, some come show them love they wont be playing in austin again until fall. P.S. our friends in TORNAHDO and MUCHOS BACKFLIPS are also playing tomorrow night (5/14) at mohawk so go show them some love, you wont want to miss that shit. i wont.

were also playing a show in San Antonio at the 1011 on June 18 with WUNDERLAND. theyre newish to the scene down there, but are totally rad and are fucking everywhere now. so dont miss that either its gona be a total party. anyway, we miss everyone. lets see you soon.

all our love,
scott, dustin, joe, chris, T

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